Social Media Empowering Amateur Entrepreneurs


A couple of months back, I was interning with a jewelry company. The founder of the company uses social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc. as a medium for online selling. She has integrated a payment gateway on her Facebook page which makes it easy for the customers to pay online.  As an entrepreneur, she always tries to find new strategies for keeping up to the market. I later came to know that she had done all of this without any IT knowledge, which, to say the least is admirable. It’s incredible to see technology help this aspiring entrepreneur to reach the world. It makes an extraordinary association and benefit the company hugely. Social media assumes a vital part in associating with new clients and it additionally is redesigned with new patterns, i.e., client’s interest.

Why not take this idea to small towns and villages? There are many people who need the opportunity to showcase their talent through handicrafts like artworks, katha works and many more. It is hard for them to get the right value for their hard work. If we add technology into this process, then there will be no broker between the customer and seller. Sellers will get whole money for their product and they can also promote their work to the world with the technology available, in other words e-commerce.

I know there are a lot of people who do not know how to use a computer, smart phone, etc. An effort should be made by those entrepreneurs so they can learn their use and apply them to their work. A small effort on their part and the whole world can get to know about their talent and invest in them. In my opinion, it is one step towards a ‘Smart village’.

Technology has great power and as we know, power comes with responsibilities. It is just a matter of how to use it. So everybody ought to know how to utilize it for a better purpose. It opens new avenues to  business visionaries that need to take their business to the next level.

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