Opening ‘Virtual Shops’ can provide job opportunities to start ups with low investment

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Excerpts from Varuni Mahajan, Founder, Firefly Blingsv-pic

I intend to call my ecommerce business a ‘virtual shop’ as I have the option for a customer to interact with me, select and customize the product according to their needs.

Over the years, the purchasing behavior of consumers has changed and most of them are looking for an easier medium for shopping. Currently, to purchase contemporary and designer jewelry, customers usually visit shopping malls or their nearest shopping centre, as 90% of the manufacturers still use the traditional mode of selling the product.

For me, the concept of creating a virtual jewelry shop popped only because I didn’t wanted to align my products with the traditional way of selling as my products were completely niche and my target audience set was not only for people in India but also outside, including South Asia, USA and UK. To cater to such bandwidth and to gain customer loyalty, I realized the need to use a platform which will be cost effective and would provide an environment as a referral points for the new and existing customers.

This idea was absolutely experimental but so far it’s been successful for me. I use Facebook to sell as well as to promote my product. The easy payment integration processes have helped me get good on my ROI. This is the third year of the inception of fireflyblings and I have begun to develop a rapport with my buyers within India and globally.

The USP of fireflyblings is that we also have an option of making amendments to the design according to the preference of the customer. This option has not only helped me to directly connect with the customer, but also helped to build trustworthy factors which has helped my business grow.

Yes, being authentic has played a pivotal role and we have been able to reach our targets and hope to grow more in the coming years. I really envision that if artisans living in smaller cities can be mentored to use the same technology, the barriers between buyers and sellers will lessen and it would be best way to make the best profits.

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