Technology | Higher Education | Innovation & Entrepreneurship | Intellectual Property | Design All to be showcased in one Platform, INDIA- UK Tech Submit (7-9 Nov), New Delhi

img_20161103_182006Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi portrayed the UK and India  as an ‘Unbeatable Combination’. The India-UK technology summit from November 7-9 would showcase today’s best partnerships and hopes to inspire future collaborations.

In front of audience, leading CEOs and thought leaders from the UK and India will motivate audiences with their latest innovations. The head of the UK’s intelligence agency, GCHQ, will speak about cyber security. There will be discussion on how to bring teams and technologies together, to break the world land-speed record.

In the room, cutting edges technologies will be in plain view, showcasing the best of the advanced manufacturing, healthcare, life sciences, agri-tech, smart cities, cyber, robotics, education and creative design.

Click here to visit the summit :-

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