The Next wave of online wallets and Apps revolution-It’s for those who missed the train News


The bold step of Government of India to ban 500 and 1000 Rs notes will help unearth unaccounted money and counterfeit currency but will also help to achieve the dream of Digital India. Many will now opt for online wallets and apps instead of cash.

I recently read that now an Apps will change the way of our travel. From next year, haggling with porters and taxi drivers, boring task of standing in long queues for train tickets at the railway stations will be a passé . The solution will be your smart phone, in which an integrated railway app can be downloaded. It will allow passengers to hire a cab from Uber and Ola from home to the station and at the destination point; order the favorite dish from a list of restaurants and get it delivered to your seat and book a hotel as well.!!

The app will feature a host of services like pre-booked porters, tour packages and car rentals to make your train journey a delightful experience. The Railway Ministry is preparing to launch this “Integrated mobile app ecosystem” soon in April 2017.

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