Setting-up measures for securing data in the internet ecosystem


In the current state of cashless India due to demonetization, cyber security is an even bigger issue. Till recently, only a handful of individuals were using internet banking. Now, there is wave of first time users who have no knowledge of the threats. There are some measures we should keep in mind.

How can people protect their accounts?

  • Using a strong password: Apart from using sophisticated “brute-force” programs, hackers often guess passwords. People mostly access Twitter on their phones and they prefer to use simple words that they can type, instead of special characters and strings of words, etc. Using a strong password is very important.
  • Twitter step two verification: Twitter now also has an optional feature that adds significant additional layer of security by requiring login verification through a mobile device.
  • Stay away from shortened URLs: On twitter, people often use shortened URLs and link management platform. If you doubt authenticity, use a URL expander, such as LongURL to see what the link is.
  • Checking URL: Hackers often make a duplicate (clone) website like Facebook and send to people to capture their login information.
  • Email phishing: Never click on the links that you don’t trust and also check the source of the email. Never share any personal information over email.
  • Use of public computer: Refrain from using public computers. Software like key loggers track and record every key stroke and its context. Your password and username can be recorded and used by hackers. Similarly, avoid using public Wi-Fi while accessing bank accounts and private information.
  • Create a strong and unique password: In India, many people use weak passwords and re-used passwords on other services.
  • Be vigilant: Always check privacy settings on social accounts to be sure the information is only visible to trusted friends and family.
  • Use password manager: To create and securely store passwords by using password managers like Dashlane, Password safe, etc.
  • Consider enabling account login verification: Login verification acts as an extra layer of security and helps prevent unauthorized access to your account. It requires you to enter a code that is sent in your phone.
  • Swipe clean before leaving your system: Be sure to completely wipe all information from device while disposing of old technology.
  • Report compromised accounts to twitter: If there is some unethical happening in your account then you should report it.

As we enter into the world were most of our information is floating in the internet ecosystem, following a few key steps will surely help to make your data secure and safe from hackers.

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