Apps Evolution: From a messaging platform to live option


‘Going live’ is the newest sensation to attracting more users. They interact live and answers questions they can give. On Facebook, live streaming option has been made available for more than a year. On Instagram, this option has recently been added so we often get notification of someone going live. Going live has their own difficulties. IT’S THE LATEST sign that Instagram really, really wants to be your one-stop shop for quick, fun videos—and not just a feed of your meticulously curated photos. Then, the company rolled out two updates: live video on stories (you remember Stories, it’s the brazen Snapchat rip-off launched earlier this year) and the option to direct-message friends ephemeral video. What’s that they say about imitation and flattery again?

The two new features build on Instagram Stories, which the company introduced last August and says has seen over 100 million people using it every day. Not bad, considering that’s a healthy fifth of Instagram’s monthly active users, and just 50 million short of Snap’s reported daily users (150 million).

The one thing Instagram Stories now has over Snapchat is live video. And this feature is entirely in keeping with the plans of Instagram’s parent company, Facebook, which has been emphasizing live videos over the past year. But unlike live video on Facebook, you can never go back and watch live videos on Instagram Stories. Instagram only shows you what’s happening live right now. To better surface good live video, it is also rolling out an algorithmically curated.

Even entertainment channels are applying this method to connect with their audience. Colors entertainment channel also launched app in which audience can vote live while listening to the contestant in the reality show The Rising Star. This is the first television app that engages with its audience directly. From my experience, it is a great achievement. But what is the future aspect of this live feature? The question arise as to what is next?

I definitely believe that live tool will become an important aspect for companies that would like to build audiences of young people and the success will not go unnoticed by existing social networking sites.

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