Utilizing methods to improve safety and security – a real time necessity of digital Transformation

The fingerprint scanner on smartphones have changed the way we use our phones. A new study have even shown that the convenience of a fingerprint scanner has made more people lock their phones now than ever before. Keying in password is cumbersome and inefficient while just rubbing your finger against a sensor is simple and work like magic. It also makes you feel that your device is now secure as Fort Knox and you and only you can get access to it. Thus, people are adding things on their phones they would never even dream of having before. Important documents, picture and videos with a flair knowledge that their phone is protected by the highest form of technology the world can offer. But is the fingerprint scanner a false god? Is our phone vulnerable to hacking? The answer of the two questions is simply yes.

With biometrics technology that is being used everywhere i.e for (Aadhar, visas for travelling bank accounts, phone connections), the chances of your fingerprints being available to cyber criminals is growing. Even worse, your fingerprints once stolen, can’t be changed like a password. It’s out there, being freely exchanged on with their networks and they can use it for any offence. It’s not like hacking a passcode and stealing the data’s but the impact is very high as once getting access, the same can be used to delve into any sort of crime.

So is there a way out? Well, a larger fingerprint sensor that scans professional level images would be a good start. Unfortunately, that’s expensive and most phone brands won’t invest in it. It is long process to scan and that involves rubbing their finger two to three times. They rather choose fastest scanner than most secure one.

So the quick remedy! It’s best that we use fingerprint to open up a phone, but park all important things within the passcode and use another line of defense like pattern code. It may be a little less convenient but it will surely make your system documents safe and secure.

Lastly, as India Inc. has reached a consensus on the necessity of digital transformation, but a lot of measures still needs to adopted to provide safety and better security of private data and information.


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