Kill The Apps, Killing Your Android Phone’s Performance And Battery Life!

As a tech blogger, we are often asked which phone to buy and which phone have a good battery life. It is often seen that apps that we download affects the performance of our phone. It slowly kills your phone.

A report published by AVG highlighted the biggest reason behind downgraded performance of Android smartphones. According to this report, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and other renowned apps affect overall performance, and lead to unexpected lags and battery issues. The study revealed that social media, gaming and shopping apps give great amount of stress on battery life, storage consumption, and data traffic.  The official AVG app installed over one million devices collected this information, and highlighted a number of apps which have been ruining performance of android based smartphone!

AVG highlighted a number of games affecting performance of Android smartphones. According to its study, Candy Crush Saga, Pet Rescue Saga and Deer Hunter 2014 are the biggest threat to overall performance. These games ruin’s battery performance and storage efficiency right from the word go. In addition to these, HayDay, Cookie Jam and Boom Beach also play a big part in hampering overall performance of android smartphones. No matter which device you’re using, they definitely affect the performance!

The report further explained the inefficiency of optimization and memory boosting apps by claiming that these apps don’t optimize smartphone performance! According to AVG, any optimization app installed on an android device, will terminate background apps even when it’s not required! The company also added that apps like Clean Master give great amount of strain on battery performance, data consumption and storage efficiency.

If you’re using an android smartphone, keep a continuous check on your apps. Obviously, social media apps like Facebook and Instagram cannot be avoided, but games like HayDay and Candy Crush Saga can definitely be ignored. No doubt, selected and tested apps are the key to improve performance of android smartphones! and by not eschewing these small measures can definitely boost the life span of your device.



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