A deep tech drive – Apps for students


Time is one of our most important resources. Effective time management is a skill and most people need to make the best out of their personal and professional lives. For a college student, it make’s a big difference to be in bucket of mediocre or to be a superior performer. There’s (almost) an app for everything nowadays, and which can make student life easier, cheaper, safer and more interesting . Whether you want help with taking notes, revising, waking up on time or keeping fit, read on further here for our pick of the apps for students.

Just a few years ago, students attending lectures would have to spend the entire time scribbling wildly on notepads, in order not to miss any vital bit of information. Then along came technology, and now, lecture capture apps are a reality. Although the recording of lectures has been common practice within universities for a while, lecture capture apps allow you to record and listen back to classes without having to spend extra money on expensive recording equipment.

SoundNote (iOS) is a popular lecture capture app for iPad users, acting as a notepad and audio recorder, so you can store an entire lecture in both visual and audio form. If it’s a whiteboard you want to capture, however, Office Lens allows users to photograph a whiteboard, convert it to a PDF, Word or PowerPoint file and store all the data via OneNote or OneDrive for catch-up and revision purposes.

Other than SoundNote, one of the most popular lecture capture apps – keeping it simple with the name – is Lecture Capture (iOS), but Notes Plus (iOS) and Audio Memos Free – The Voice Recorder (iOS) are also of good quality.

The next Gen are prepared and optimistic to adapt with the digital ecosystem and if this attitude continues, the vision of Digital India would definitely thrive despite of the obvious challenges. Nevertheless, the development and success of any country lies in the hands of the youth and the foundation have already being laid!!


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