Digital Age a Boon For Aspiring Doodlers

It is often said, “We need to present our work so that people can recognize you by your work”. Marketing ourselves via social media is largely a number game. The goal is to find and develop genuine relationships with people who are motivated to help us. We are members of a “personal” profession.

The presentation is key for showcasing your hard work. Presentation skills are important to both individual success and business success. Presenting information clearly and effectively is a key skill to get your message or opinion across and, today, presentation skills are required in almost every field.

Let’s take an example of doodling, we often use to doodle in the last page of our notebook to pass our time. But who use to know that it could change into art and then can be pinned as an expert in the LinkedIn profile.

It may seem like doodling will become a thing of the past as schools increasingly move towards digital textbooks and note taking. But Gough and Paul says, there are always ways to adapt the practice and new affordances that technology can offer. Since many public school students can’t write in their paper textbooks anyway, perhaps they can sketch when they take notes virtually. Sketching with a stylus on a tablet, for example, could also offer some interesting new avenues for colour and design that pen and paper don’t.

More than anything, Paul and Gough want to offer multiple entry points for students to access learning. While doodling works for some kids, it might not for others and that’s fine. What’s most important is that teachers allow for variation in learning styles, even when it is unfamiliar to them.

As the ecosystem of digital media is growing, it has now become easy to create an asset in the public domain and publicize across numerous channels to get maximum exposure. For instance, Pinterest, Instagram can help to reach to the relevant audience and it’s also an easy mechanism to distribute and showcase the art through simple posting and a click of a button. These platforms are also well advanced to connect directly with the customers who would be interested in buying or creating similar kind of art for their business purpose.

Seeing the recent increase in using such tools by seasoned and budding doodle artists, I spoke to an art and visual designer Ashima Kumar and she said that,

“Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have come to be regarded as essential spaces for emerging artists to share their work. Earlier one had to go through art galleries or art shows to showcase one’s art. But now social platforms have made it easy to reach a wider audience with no cost. There is no need to go looking for art curators or dealers any longer, an artist can curate one’s own art and sell to the customer directly.”

We all know that Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram etc are still perceived and as networking channels, but a few realize and know that slowly in the coming years, if used thoughtfully, it might become the source of self-built business!!

lingering fragrance

Created by Ashima Kumar

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