How technology has changed the way we travel

This year, I was looking for some vacation but those who know me they knew how much lazy person I am. But anyways, being slow and relaxed became a boon as when for my own comfort, I aggressively started surfing the net to find out easy travel solutions. I soon realised how far technology has reached in creating plethora of new travelling avenues and options.

Today advent of technology has not only made our life simpler and connected but has also brought in a humongous change in our travelling methods.

Through this story, I have noted down a few important techniques that would make your travel easy and hassle free. Please do read the story and I would appreciate to have your views in the comment section below.

Travelling is now more eco-friendly and less time-consuming

  • Gone are the days for the need to print the airline ticket, boarding pass or hotel reservation. Thanks to online reservations, mobile check-ins and e-tickets as now we can save wastage of paper and not worry about carrying numerous documents around. This is a win-win situation. Furthermore, online reservations and bookings are time-savers, as there is no need to stand in the line to get a ticket.


Packing solutions have helped us to travel light!

  • Nowadays, technology is all about trying to squeeze the most of our requirements into one tiny gadget. We no longer need an iPod to listen to music, all we need to have is a Spotify or iTunes account and we are able to stream music on the go. The same thing goes for books, it is the end of worrying where to fit them inside our suitcases. Amazon Kindles or Kobo (e-readers) save tons of space in our bags.

Technology has helped to surpass language barriers!

  • Not so long ago, there was the need to carry a phrasebook in the language of the place we were going to travel. Today, all that is needed is a smart phone and with the support of apps like Google Translate or iTranslate, the struggle faced while interacting with locals have come to an end. Google’s Translate app even let’s you to use your smart phone camera to translate signs or menus in real-time.
  • In addition, apps like Duolingo allows you to learn a new language and improve the one you are already familiar with, all this you get without spending money on classes.

Technology has changed the way we book a flight, a room, access hotel services, information of the daily events and advice to sightseeing a city!

  • Chatbots have become our perfect travel companion. Many hotels and flight companies already offer messaging options to their customers, either by giving the ability to text them through their own apps or establishing messaging channels like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. But the real revolution is chatbots- they are becoming huge assets to this industry. Chatbots allow a person to interact with either a human or artificial intelligence via a chat interface. Bearing in mind that messaging apps are becoming the new social media, it only makes sense that companies start to integrate this type of services in their repertoire.
  • For instance, HiJiffy is a chatbot that connects guests with hotel’s staff through Facebook Messenger. AI allows the chatbot to answers the most commonly asked question almost instantaneously, users can check rates, availability and make the booking directly on Messenger. Moreover, whenever the bot can’t answer the question, it  hand’s over to a human agent. I believe that this product has the potential to revolutionize the hospitality industry and just by empowering hotels with the tool can provide guests with the right service at the right time.

Electronic Payments have made travelling safer and easier!

  • Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Wallet- everything is so much easier with electronic payments. Amongst the advantages of going cashless it is worth to highlight two of them, one is convenience - we now no longer need to carry a lot of cash, a couple of debit and credit cards is easy and safe and second is lower risk - especially true, while travelling abroad, where theft and other factors can cause  great inconvenience. Also due to strict backend anti-hacking and cloning  mechanism taken by banks, we now do not much worry on issues such as debit/credit card fraudulent transaction or cloning.

Technology has allowed us to have more personalised and unique travel experiences. The buzzword for the travel industry is personalization. Indeed, modern travellers, particularly millennial, are ones’ on the lookout for customised and unique experiences and with the help of technological advancements they are able to find right solutions. Today,  Chatbots, niche websites, blogs, apps and services have indeed created a huge space where one can let imaginations run wild and end up finding a real-life version of the “dream trip”.

Do share your thoughts and if you need further information regarding easy travel solutions and innovative existing websites or apps, I would be happy to share!!


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